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Photography Tours

1 Day & Multi Day Photography Tours

A one-to-one tuition day is specifically tailored for you. There is no better way to improve your photography skills than having a personal tuition session. It allows me to focus on your specific needs. I have an extensive knowledge of the Ireland and specifically its coastline and choosing suitable locations as well as the best times to capture them. Spending a full day receiving personal help and guidance can ignite your photographic potential and enable you to be more creative with your photography.


How to Book

As a professional landscape photographer, there is nothing I love more than sharing my passion for photography, through teaching, workshops and travel. I work with small groups and 1 to 1 providing photo tours both in Ireland and abroad.

Bespoke photography tours and workshops are available on our sister site Rodney O'Callaghan Photography.

Click here for more information and to request a date.


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